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140525 Key After Bonnie and Clyde Last Stage


A typical Taemin SHINee interview.


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The prettiest ocean to reflect the most beautiful shining stars.

"We actually made up the word "SHINee".
It means, "Instead of giving light, we receive light."

Though we live oceans apart, these boys have mangaed to win my heart with their musical talent and heartfelt words, and they will continue to do so. I hope they suceed in life and achieve what they want most. I hope they stay healthy and safe. For the happiness they’ve brought me, I hope they receive more. Happy anniversary to SHINee~♥


SHINee: 2008 - 2013


[Trans ] Key instagram update - 140525 #6yearswithSHINee

 보니앤클라이드 마지막 공연이 끝났습니다 . 그동안 많이 수고해주신 배우 선배님들 스텝분들 감사드립니다… 저에게 성장과 기쁨을 안겨주는 그런 공연이었습니다 .클라이드로써 무대위에서 여러분들께 드렸던 웃음 눈물 저에게는 잊을수없는 추억이고 매순간 최선을 다해야 겠다는 생각은 더욱더 잊을수가 없네요 너무 고맙습니다 .

Trans :

  Bonnie and Clyde last stage has ended . Thank you so much to all the hardworking senior actors and staff during that period of time… It was a musical that was happy and matured me . As (Key)Clyde on stage, the laughter and tears given by all of you, every moment is an unforgettable memory for me and I want to hold onto it and can never forget really thank you so much .

Credit; bumkeyk
Translation credit: Forever_SHINee [5]